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First Time home buyer

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The world is getting more and more confusing, especially when you are a first time home buyer.

Let us help you as a first time home buyer find your way in the upside down economy.

First time buyers down payment assistance specialists in 50 states - we walk you thru the steps of First time buyer programs, as well as Free Prequal to make sure as a First time home buyer you win!

  This basic, FREE  prequal , is to meet your immediate needs.

  • Follow the simple list instructions - then look for your FREE E-mailed prequal - it's that easy! 
Your FREE Prequal is just a few short steps away.

1) bookmark this page CLICK HERE

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3) Gather up the following documents:

a) current pays tubs ( 30 days worth) for all applying people.(W-2's 2 years)

b) current bank statements (all pages) for 90 days.

c:) fill out our simple free no obligation application  CLICK HERE

d) get your FREE credit report at:

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Get your FREE credit score at one of the free sites listed here:

Note: get a report that gives your FICO numbers ( Click here for explanation )

Get Equifax Score Power  Check your credit report online!  What's Your Credit Score?

Note: get a report that gives your FICO numbers ( Click here for explanation )

  Build your credit with a secure or pre-paid credit card:    

e) additional FREE reports: How to buy a house.  What next, Q & A.

Video - Who has the best rates? 

Just follow the list- and you will be on your way to your new home quicker than you can say:

Relax - we've got you covered!

A few clicks and your done!


first time buyer 


FREE INFO KIT on how to get your tax credits & other useful first time buyers information sent directly to your E-mail account.
We never sell or distribute your information to third parties EVER! Your Privacy is our main concern.

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